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Is a GED® recognised in South Africa?

Yes! The GED® credential is recognised by SAQA as being comparable to the SA National Senior Certificate (NSC-Grade 12) or NQ4 level.

The GED® exam is also internationally recognised as a high school leavers equivalent! This is good news for both adults or homeschoolers who did not get their Matric and allows them to get a better job or study further in South Africa OR internationally! We provide free support to our students on how to get verified for university or college after getting their GED®. The GED® Academy is the most affordable option to getting your Matric equivalent in South Africa.
It is FAST, Economical and there are NO AGE LIMITS! Get accredited now and open doors to study further or start your career!

Can I study further with a GED® Credential?

Yes you can apply to a South African University after completing your GED® credential and obtaining your foreign conditional exemption from Universities South Africa! The GED® credential is recognised by SAQA as being comparable to the SA National Senior Certificate (NSC-Grade 12). To be considered for acceptance by UNISA or university in South Africa you will need to do SAT and GED® or just a GED® accompanied by a letter of admission from a US university. Marks are very important, so we assist you to pass the GED® with the highest scores you can achieve. We have established a relationship with a US university and will guide you on how to obtain a letter of acceptance once you have completed your GED® exams. We will also advise you on how to obtain your foreign conditional exemption from Universities South Africa. Confirm with the faculty or university you have chosen to be sure that the subject requirements are fulfilled. Acceptance at a university or UNISA is dependent on the entrance requirements of the faculty you are applying at. Contact us for a list of universities and institutions who have accepted GED® candidates already or read our testimonials page! Nothing is stopping you from studying further now!


How to Get Your GED®?

Sign up for tuition with the Pass GED Academy. The cost is a once off payment of R2500 (price includes VAT and support) which gives you a year's access to Essential Education's GED Academy™ If you need more time to study you can extend your time on the program
The GED® test is made up of four exams :

  • Maths

  • Science

  • English Reading/Writing

  • Social Studies

  • No Afrikaans needed

The official GED® Testing Centres are available around the country in over 37 centres and in over 3000 locations worldwide. The exams cost $60 each and the minimum age in order to write the exam is 16 years. You can enroll at any date and the exams are available all year round. You can write one exam at a time or altogether. What could be easier or more convenient?

Book exams at a testing centre near you once you have studied with Essential Education's GED Academy™ and our tutors have confirmed you are ready to write! Identify yourself with either a passport or ID. Pass each subject and receive your GED® credential! The first copy of your GED® credential is free and sent to you electronically and via post. To obtain an extra hard copy via post costs $15. We will guide you through the booking of exams process and how to obtain your original GED® credential.

What is the GED Academy™?

Pass GED South Africa are the original suppliers of this incredible program powered by Essential Education's GED Academy™ and have been helping thousands of students pass their GED® since 2013.
We have put everything you need to pass the official exams on the GED Academy™. A personalised learning plan is created for you based on an initial Practise test and will strengthen areas you need help with. Practice tests, teaching lessons, videos and even your own private tutor are all provided online. No books are necessary! No matter how long it has been since you were in school, the online GED® program makes learning fast and simple. No need to stop your current job- this course is easily done in your own free time. No need to look for a matric rewrite college, institution or night school! You will love the user friendly program with fun videos and easy manner of teaching. Get your Matric equivalent fast!

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